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arakhnes wrote in paradisa
[ filtered away from Eddie Brock/Venom ]

[ her voice is shaky but she's trying to be calm. working the Spider-woman voice then. ]

Okay. This is a PSA for Paradisa. Meaning, it'd be great if you listened.

Last night, someone arrived from mine and Spider-man's world. And if you thought Spidey and I were cute and cuddly?

This guy is the completely opposite.

He's dangerous. And he survives on flesh. He's -- you can't miss him. Big, black, bulging mass of tentacles and razor sharp teeth. Spider insignia.

But he's not related to us.

Thing is, we -- we don't know where he went. But that doesn't mean it's safe. Spider-man and I, we'll be dealing with him, but for the meanwhile, if you see anything resembling that description -- run.

Unless you want to be a snack.

Questions, comments, concerns? I'm here all week.


[ sup peter. while you're unconscious or sleeping it off or whatevs it is you do, she's going to be perched on the wall behind your bed, just holding the journal. and kind of... watching you.

yeah she's a creep ]

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And is it then not your responsibility to keep tabs on him?

As much as I hate to admit it, it kind of is.

But you were not watchful enough.

[ ... ]

Hey, if I wanted to be criticized, I'd set up a roast, alright? We're doing the best we can considering the circumstances.

[ dictated ] l-lol SORRY HE'S SUCH A DICK

If you fail, you have to expect criticism.

[ dictated ] IT'S COO LMFAO.

Wow, and now I feel like I'm right back in New York.

[ dictated ] IT'S JUST HOW HE ROLLS, SOB.

You may have noticed that this is hardly a fairytale castle.

Thus, some real world rules do still apply.

[ dictated ] LIKE TOILET PAPER...

Ugh. Are we done lecturing the only person who can actually do something about this whole evil monster thing?

As long as you do.

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