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002 ♕ super sleuthing is a-go
| that's what your mom said
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
Ok, Paradisa, so here's the scoop:

I'm Lois Lane and I need your help.

More specifically, I need any of you with information on those they're calling "the Outsiders" or on the whole Spider incident thing that went down to fill me in on any details or direct me to relevant information that's already been posted, so I can start piecing together what's actually known about them.  Apparently, things have been sloppy around here in terms of organizing facts, and lucky for you, I'm just the girl to help weave a real story out of this.  

So get in touch with me if you know anything.  Don't make me hunt you down.  Because I will.  And it won't be pretty.


I spoke with your buddy Tony about your little clubhouse.  Guess who's the newest member?

Hi, partner.


You, me, promised bar hopping.  Go.

[The Blur, Voice]

[Lois takes a deep breath before finally getting up the nerve to record this message:]

Someone... told me you were here.  I'm not sure this is really the optimal way to try and get in touch with you, but I figure if everyone got one of these--

I thought you might be listening.

Clark said you'd been here a year, so I have no idea if you even remember what we talked about, but I just wanted to let you know that even trapped in Psycho Disney Land...

my offer still stands.  If you need someone to talk to.

Or just want to.

[There's a pause while she tries to think of what else to say but she feels suddenly self-conscious and just shuts it off there.]

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[ ...B( spidersss. DOES HE DARE SPEAK UP... ]

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[Attagirl, getting answers.]

Right to the point.


You didn't. [pause] You did. Well. When things get ugly, be careful. Please.

Did you expect anything less?


You can relax, Smallville, I signed up for information gathering, not playing policeman.

Though I've got a solid right hook if you ever need back up.

[this pings her attention, if only for her many trips into the Dead Zone and all of that nonsense... hope you like spooky!voice.]

And once the hunter catches her quarry? What then?

[She's going to assume laryngitis.]

They'll find out exactly how impossible it is to shake a reporter on the trail.

[oh, God, if he could see that filter to Clark, they'd be having words... WORDS]

Are we sticking to one locale or browsing?

[Look, Tony asked for help. She figures if Clark can do it...]

Depends on how interesting the first locale is.

[After ten minutes of considering whether to voice it or write it, he just finds a black sharpie and uncaps it. Block letters time:]




[She just stares at that for a lonnnng time, a smile creeping up her face that she can't shake, before writing a reply.]

The reporter in me just has a way with words, I guess.

Thanks for the welcome. I was glad to hear you're here.

...spiders? What have I missed?

I guess not everybody heard about it, then?

Oh. Hi!

Give me a minute.

[ after skimming any comments that were public ]

Friend of the Farmboy's? Talking about 'real stories' and all, you sound like a reporter or something.

Be careful who you're calling sloppy. I know a couple people who might be insulted.

Clark and I go back a few years. Back home, we work at the Planet together, so not a bad guess at all.

Sometimes a few well placed insults are just what you need to prod a response out of the people with real answers. I can handle the backlash.

The Outsiders are those creepy bird people, right? Like the one that got blown up. And, um... the spiders were really small and they could talk. They were everywhere.

I hadn't heard about any bird people, I don't think. Just about humans living outside the city dressed like astronauts and cowboys.

So who were these bird people?

Spider incident, Lois?

Apparently. Though I guess they're really called the "Arachne". I guess this place got overrun with them months ago.

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