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clarklike wrote in paradisa

[Clark walks into the room, strides to the chalkboard, and writes:]

Chapters 8-12.
1500 word summary by the end of the class.


[And then he says, clearly irritable:]

Get to work, now. No talking, no shuffling, no moving around the classroom, no bathroom breaks, nothing. Just get out your textbooks and do your damn work.

[And then he sits at his desk, leaning back in his chair with his feet up on the corner of the desk. He's just going to pull out a magazine and read.

Whatcha gonna do.]

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[ um, yeah... not that she doesn't mind work, but clark is taking this a little too seriously. ditching her paper, she's gonna get up and walk over to the desk to lean over and speak quietly ]

Clark, are you okay?

[Serious face. He looks up at her, not impressed.]

I'm fine, Lana. Do your work.

[ ...you did NOT just ]

Did you just give me an order? I think you're taking this a little too seriously.

I was made your teacher for a reason. Go do your work, and you won't get detention.

[ folds her arms over her chest B| ]

...I just dare you to try and give me detention, Clark Kent.

Detention it is, then, Miss Lang.

[he stands up, and points at the door.]

Principal's office. Now.

[ squinting at him. okay she's gonna go for a low blow here and she's not proud of it, but she really needs to test...if this is actually clark because he's acting like a fucktard ]

It's Mrs. Luthor, remember?

Not if you're not married, it isn't.

[he steps towards her. Commanding:]

Office, now.

I am married. And right now I think I'd prefer his presence to yours.

[ a total lie but whatever. she almost feels bad she said that...since this obviously isn't clark. she's going to take a step back and speak loudly for the whole class to hear ]

Are you going to try and make me go?

To who? A jackass? Congratulations. Start walking.

[he reaches to grab her arm.]

[ immediately yanks away in kind of a stumble. she really doesn't wanna get violent with claaaark. she does know some martial arts but he's still stronger than her even as a human ]

Clark, get a hold of yourself! This isn't you.

No, this is me, and right now I'm annoyed.

[He moves to grab her again.


[ bumps into some random student's desk in her hurry to dodge again. unfortunately he still gets her jacket, and she turns to try and knee him in the side as hard as she can. SORRY BB THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD ]

[You know, normally, Clark wouldn't know whether to be confused, annoyed or surprised that the short girly girl with little combat training is the one that fights him when he's being a douchebag.

But currently, he's just mad, especially since he's been kneed.

And he doesn't even think. He just reaches out to slap her.]

[ gil shoots out of his own desk immediately when lana starts her own assault on clark and jumps in the way when he sees where clark's hand is going. he reaches out to snatch clark's hand and he glares daggers at him. ]

Leave her alone.

[Kallen's up as well, putting herself between Clark and Lana as Gil takes hold of Clark's wrist.]

This is hardly proper teaching protocol.

[She's getting up and wondering what the hellll is going on here, getting ready to get into a fight because this shit sure ain't right. Meanwhile she's being very quiet as she heads over to a nearby chair...stealth, she's got it B) ]

[ oh sweet lord, thank you gil! and she doesn't know kallen but she's looking grateful ]

Clark would never hurt me. Something's wrong with him.

[ remembering skimming the journaaals WHAT DID SHE SEE ]

You're not feeling dehydrated, are you?

[Clearly, very angry. He twists his arm from Gil's grip.]

All of you are going to detention! This is unacceptable behaviour!

[ he steps forward a little, to keep lana behind him as well ]

None of this is even REAL! Snap out of it!

[Kallen steps to the side a little, pulling her bag forward with her foot. She reaches down and pulls out a can of mace!]

You're really one to talk.

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[ WHOA WHOA WHOA sees the...mace and puts her hand over kallen's, trying to step past her and gilbert ]

This doesn't need to get violent. If something's happened to Clark, then we need to help him. He'd do the same for any of us.

Clark, please... It's me, Lana. You know me. We're friends, aren't we? You would never act like this. Something's making you act differently.

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[He's irritated, suddenly, that all of them are acting weird, and talking around him like he's crazy or insane. He just brushes it off with a snort.]

It sounds like the lot of you have been caught up in a few wild stories. There's nothing wrong with me.

[narrowed eyes]

I know who you are, Lana. Nothing's changed that. But right now, you're out of line.

[ why is gil the only guy standing up for lana? what is this. FUCK YOU, OTHER CLASSMATES. ]

[She moves her hand away from Lana, keeping ready JUST IN CASE!]

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