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Paradisa High Day 01
Paradisa High Eyeless!
paradisahigh wrote in paradisa
[It's now midnight.

You are all asleep in your rooms.

Well, not your normal rooms. Your new rooms at Paradisa High!

Feel free to wake up and freak out about that!

Should you feel the need to leave your rooms past curfew, you will find the castle halls are now the halls to your buildings! The dormitories are but a brisk walk away from the main campus. A large, two story high school that boasts high grades and lots of school spirit.


(ooc: SECTIONS UP GO CRAZY, KIDS. *COLLAPSES* And in case you forgot, here's the living arrangements!)

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[Abruptly wakes up, opens his eyes wiiide and sees that SOMETHING IS OFF.

Sits up quickly and looks around.]

[Have an annoyed deaged Freelancer roommate. Not that he knows that's what happened yet.] How the hell did I end up here? And who are you?

[Anotsu is also de-aged a little, but not quite noticing it yet.

He takes in the surroundings calmly, but with a very serious expression.]

Is this one of the castle's whims, then?

[Eying the room carefully.] Most likely. And again it felt it needed to steal my armor.

[Notices his weapons don't seem to be anywhere near.]

How insolent of it.

[Then he notices the key chain.] Wonderful. High school again. And with my luck, it changed my age to suit.

[This puzzles Anotsu. He looks at the keychain, but there's nothing familiar about the object.

Sigh. He's gonna have to ask, isn't he?]

High school?

It's the last mandatory part of the public education system in the United States. Something for teenagers. Something I'm normally not.

And it probably deaged me if the place intends for me to take it again. How old do I look?

[Nods and gives him a thorough once-over.]

Eighteen at the most.

[Hesitates, but then decides he wants to know, too.]

What about myself?

About the same. How many years did it take from you?

I'm well beyond that age normally. Not as old as York, but still... This sucks.

[Well, this kinda sucks, but what can you do.]

I'm well beyond the age, as well.

Guess we'll have to deal with it.

At least it doesn't look likely we'll get demons trying to kill us this time.

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Unless the castle decides to provide an extra twist.

Don't tempt it Really, just don't. High school is hell enough normally.

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[GIves a dry laugh.]

Anything where a greater number of teenagers are gathered must be a very unpleasant place.

Usually is. Sometimes not, but most of the time it is.

[Looking largely unperturbed.]

It will pass.

And then the castle will find a new way to torment us.

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