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stringent wrote in paradisa
[ backdated to yesterday ]

[ Casca is exactly where she said she would be at the fountain, albeit a bit earlier than expected. it was a little amusing that he asked her to join him when he most likely had other friends who were better acquainted with him -- but she didn't question it. most likely, he has his reasons just as she had her own ]

[ooc; Open! Come watch Arthur down sissy drinks with manly umbrellas in them in the city.]

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[Just sitting nearby, taking a moment's rest.]

[ once she's settled, she glances over and gives him a small nod. it was meant to be a greeting, his wasn't a face she had seen before ]

[Arthur however, will give her an odd look for that]

Have you two met?

[Anotsu gives her a nod in reply. Being the jerk he is, he opts to answer Arthur's question in her stead.]

We haven't.

[ as he answered the question, she'll just elaborate on it ]

Don't you greet people that you pass?

[Looks at her, level-eyed and unperturbed.]

Should I?

You did. I was actually speaking to him.

[ she tilts her head in Arthur's direction. who better keep his odd looks to himself ]

Are you a new arrival?


[Another nod.]

Quite new, yes.

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