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asuka • got problems? let's shop.
orderlybento wrote in paradisa
[hikari is getting ready for adjustment to this place... WHICH MEANS SHOPPING.she's standing by the manor's entrance, waiting for Asuka to get completely ready. crazy nge nightmares be damned, she's going to have fun!]

Let's see... [looks though purse...].. have I got everything? [checks over for fifth time]

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All you need is your journal, and even that's pretty optional. Most of the crazies avoid the clothing district.

[someone's finally all dressed and ready to go out... she tries not to take forever, really]

Ah, [looks up from purse.] hey Asuka! [offers up a hand in greeting.] That's good, I'm glad that this won't be interrupted by anything psychotic. [besides that one nightmare.]

Are you all set to go?

[she waves back] Mmyeah, I'm all set. Let's get shopping!

[she'll lead the way, of course]

Alright, Asuka!

[and she'll follow, of course.]

So... [she steps outside] what kind of stuff do you want?

Mm, I'm not not sure yet. I'm in more of a "look and see" sprt of mood, ...though I could always find some use in swimsuits. [it's around as hot here as it is at home, but with added animal life.]

We can do that! I'm sure there are a ton of swimsuits out now that it's warm. This place actually has weather.

[wait what.] ...Weather? Now that it's warm? I know there's lots more animal life here than back home and everything, but this place has... seasons, Asuka? [WAIT WHAT.]

[she's so used to having seasons now that Hikari's brain-break surprises her]

Uh, yeah! About a month or so ago everything was gross and swampy, and then before that it was snowing.

[wow... that's going to take some getting used to.]

... Wow. I mean, there are different worlds, and what happened to ours... didn't happen to others, but still... cold weather... [trails off thoughtfully.]

There's also this room in the castle that has snow a few days of the week. We should check it out sometime.

Snow... [thinks about it.] Mm, I might want to see snow. Should we buy clothes for that too, Asuka?

You can just borrow stuff. Winter's not for a long time. [aaaand she doesn't know if you'll be around for it again]

... Mm, you're right. Just felt the need to ask, though I guess the stores wouldn't be stocked with those clothes during summer. [snnnnooooowww holy crap. and sad face from me at asuka.]

You'll be fine without for now. Right now you need dresses and shorts! [because she's not as inclined to share those]

Yeah, that's one of the main goals for today, Asuka!

... How have you been doing lately?

Fine, of course. Why wouldn't I be? [DON'T ANSWER THAT]

Um. You?

That's good. I'm glad you're doing alright! I hope this trip makes you feel even better though. [sly smile.]

Me? I'm doing good so far, Asuka. I've been working with the baking club, and that's been pretty enjoyable. [besides... that nightmare.]

Oh, yeah... Colette runs that, doesn't she? [sounds a little bored, but at least the shops are nearing]

Mm, yeah. You know Colette-san, Asuka? [notices the nearing shops as well. SHOPPING.]

I do. She's been around here for a while. [and is always so nice it almost drives Asuka nuts B| ]

Ah, alright then! She's a very nice person... How long has she been here, Asuka? [poor asuka and her reservations towards kindness. 8(]

A year? I don't know.

But look! We're here! There are literally a ton of shops, so just pick whatever one and we'll start there. [and not talk about the super nice girl]

A year-?

Oh! [looks around at the tons of shops. smile widens on her face.] We are here! How about... that one, Asuka? [points out a shop.]

Okay! We'll check this one out. It doesn't look too bad... [she'll lead the way in!]

It looks like they have some cute dresses... [she heads over to them, tugging at a yellow one. Like she doesn't have 34234 of them :( ]

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