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rep • what with the what?
orderlybento wrote in paradisa
[well, this isn't what a girl evacuated out of the city she's lived almost all of her life would start to wake up to. a yawn echoes across the journal, and sounds of tossing and turning are heard until hikari becomes aware that she is not in a place anywhere familiar.]

Wha- Huh?! I don't remember any place like th- Nozomi? Kodama? Father? Are any of you around? Where are you; please answer me!

[after no reply, girl gets more freaked out and calls out louder.]
... Hello? Is anyone here? I could please use any help right now.  [opens door to look around.] Excuse me?

[ooc: forward-dated towards the morning. feel free to reply either over the journal  or be a passer-by in... whatever floor hikari resides in /doesn't have room number yet.]

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over the journal... for now :)

[Ooookay. That was NOT a voice she was expecting to hear, so there's a thud as Asuka drops her journal in surprise. And then shuffling as she grabs it]


[goes double for her. haven't seen you in... idk canonwise but a while. hears it behind her, and turns around in a panic.]

Asuka?! [when she sees nothing, she's even more scared.] ...Am I hearing things?

You're... [back :( she's torn between angry and happy, so it'll take her a moment to mention the whole journal thing]

[catches that whisper. trying to find source of it, and tries to test where.] ... Asuka, is that you?

U-uh, yeah. Yeah, it's me!

There should be some sort of book near you.

Sorry, you've been kidnapped. &hearts

Ah!! [jumps at new voice.]

K-kidnapped?!... W-why, and where is your voice coming from, miss?!

dictated fff must crash

Um, Misa doesn't know why, really, but it's coming from a journal! Look around, I bet you have one.

Wow, new people are always so fun!

dictated that's good. get sleep :)

A journal?! [looks around room until she sees an open journal. picks it up and hears the voices. asahsbhsbh oh lord wants to throw this so bad.] O-okay, I think I found it.

... New people? What does that mean; how many people are there in... wherever this is, miss?

Um, Misa doesn't know how many now, but probably a few hundred, right?

Yeah, you've been kidnapped by the castle!!

[sitting in a chair in the hall, reading]

[notices the girl sitting in the hallway. decides quickly to ask her for assistance.]

Um, excuse me, miss? Where am I?

[it takes several moments for her just to look up]


Cair Paradisa.

[the long pause is sending ayanami-vibes to her already.]

Cair Paradisa? That's the name of this place, then?

...Do you know anything else about this place, miss? Though, um, I guess I should ask for your name as well; my name is Horaki Hikari.

Yuki Nagato.

[instead of explaining anything she's going to take her journal and flip it open to this entry, then hold it out for Hikari to read]


[let's say this while she's aiting for asuka and has the journal in her hand... it has her name on it, what the? then she hears her name from a female voice.]

Um..., yes, that's my name. How do you know it, miss?


You've been here before.

Been here before? That doesn't make any sense! I barely even understand where I am right now, and you're telling me I've been here before?

How does that make any sense?

It sounds impossible but it's all true! When you leave here and come back-- your memories get erased!

Ah... [Hikariiiiii! She's not going to freak her out though... hoepfuly]

Um, don't worry, you're not in danger!

[let's say this is after she gets the general gist of things eg. talked with the four girls above.]

Oh, um, thank you, but I think I'm starting to get where I am right now, miss. This place is called Paradisa, and is another world, right?

Mm hm! Wow, it sounds like you know a lot already.

But, if you have any other questions, I might be able to answer them!

Well, I actually had a lot of help from other people who are already here, miss?

Though, um, I do have a question. What's your name, miss? My name is Hikari.

Oh, I'm sorry I should have said that first! Um, my name is Colette Brunel.

And... this might sound strange, but I've met you once before, the last time you were here.

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