A panfandom roleplay

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[the creature takes the bullets and lances and slashes... seemingly like a normal human being. He buckles, he folds, he cringes... he falls to his knees and bleeds, bleeds profusely...

Collapsed there, on his hands and knees, screaming...]

No... NO! Blood shed... BLOOD SHED...

[Just leaps for him in a tackle.] AaaaaAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

[ stops, barrels smoking as he looks at it suspiciously ]

...No way it'd be that easy.

[ sees rin sdfkjhskhfsk ]

Hey, wait! Don't get close to him yet!

[Raine will stay on the defensive!]

Don't touch the blood, if you can avoid it! If there is a plague, that's likely how it spreads!

[Yes, she hisses at him. Ferociously. She has fangs.]

[...holy hell, guys! Rides a little forward on his chocobo, eyes wide. The creepy doctor thing didn't even try to fight back. Getting closer, looking freaked out]

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[ is coming up and IS NOT AS PSYCHOTIC AS RIN but she's ready to strike in case ]

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